Debugger Breakpoint in javascript

A developer is asked to fix some bugs reported by users. To do that, the developer adds
a breakpoint for debugging.

function Car (maxSpeed, color) {
  this.maxSpeed = maxSpeed;
  this.color = color;

let carSpeed = document.getElementById('CarSpeed');


let fourWheels = new Car(carSpeed.value, 'red');

When the code execution stops at the breakpoint , which two types of information are
available in the browser console?

Can some one let me know whether its variables and values will be available ? Below are the options

A . The values of the carSpeed and fourWheels variables
B . A variable displaying the number of instances created for the Car Object.
C . The style, event listeners and other attributes applied to the carSpeed DOM element
D . The information stored in the window.localStorage property

This sounds awfully like a homework exercise.

Have you tried using the breakpoint for debugging for yourself? What did you find there?


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