Db admin question

HI, So far all of ‘my’ queries work well but so far, I am having relatively low levels of demand. ie not a lot of traffic causing many queries. the tables are mostly innodb.

I read in another post about putting a table ‘into memory’ if there are to be many queries made on it so as (if I understand it), to redcue demand on the hdd. (presumably ram is cheaper than a hdd?)

But what does into memory mean? is it a table view? (I doubt it) and can anyhone show me a link so I can learn how to do it?


Well, saying to dump a table in the ram isn’t really accurate, but I’m too used to the term.
Anyway, some reading:



Thanks to you both. Some reading there and I already have more questions. I’ll try to find answers to as many as I can before asking them here.