Dating software - problems

Dear Friends and Social/Dating site users.

My name is Allois Ulrich and I am from Germany. About a year ago I opened a dating site with ABK software (Able Dating). Their site looked professional and they seemed like a credible company. I purchased their script and had way too many problems with that. I am German and I will be very specific, not letting emotions play into this thread.
Here are the problems that I faced with ABK:

1.ABK script is not compatible with many of the hosting companies and you’d need to go from one company to another before you finally find the host that would meet their illogic requirements.
2.When I finally installed the ABK software on the server, I received many complained from my host company because the ABK script loaded the server, I didn’t understand how it was possible since I didn’t have even 50 members at that time.
3.I had to switch to dedicated hosting for over $100 to meet the demands of the script, so if you have a hosting for less than $80 per month, you can be sure that ABK script will not work on it.
4.The admin panel is complicated to navigate and it took me long hours to see how to do even a simple thing. In 90% of cases, I couldn’t how to find certain things in the admin and had to contact support.
5.The support is a different issue, ABK claims they have – free, life-time tech support, well, this is a lie for sure. Their support is appalling, their support operators speak rather poor English and I had to read their letters twice or more to understand what they meant.
6.ABK claims to be an American company but this is a lie. They are actually based in Russia and their employees are all Russian.
7.The script has a lot of bugs and when I informed support about this, they wanted to charge me for fixing their own bugs!

I had enough of it and recently switched to Dating Pro. I should say that Dating Pro script is much more professionally designed and this is a truly American company that values its customers. I have been using Dating Pro for a year now and the script has never let me down. It is straight-forward and stable. I am not saying that it is the best script of all, but it should certainly deserves a consideration when choosing a dating script.

ABK company is nothing but a huge scam. I really wish there would be no others like me to be scammed by them.

I am going to open my second dating site and I think I’ll use DatingPro for that as well. Can you recommend any other stable dating script?

If you have found a script that works for you, I would continue to use it for your second side. No sense in trying out other applications and putting your second site at risk of malfunctioning when you know you have a dating script solution that works.

Thanks indeed for the advice. I appreciate it.