Date() convert question

Hello forum

I have this code w/c queries latest dates of comments from a wordpress database

$comments = get_comments('approve',comment_date_gmt,'DESC',5,0,None);
  foreach($comments as $comm):
     echo $comm->comment_date;

The above code will output (type of database data is date time):
2010-01-08 04:02:16

question is I want to reformat it to something like this:
Jan 08, 2010 wednesday

Any ideas?


strtotime() & date() functions

Ahh ok so you need to strtotime() it first before you date() it

$a = '2010-01-08 04:02:16';
echo  date('M d Y l ',strtotime($a));


echo date('M d, Y l', strtotime($comm->comment_date));