Datatables link pointing to incorrect link path



I am using datatables to display data which works fine. The problem I am having is that I am using a link in a column and for some reason, the link when downloaded shows incorrect link path.

For example, in mysql the link path is correct

but when I click on link, it errors with:
The requested URL /lsorg/admin/localhost/lsorg/admin/requests/destcerts/DEMO/DEMO_15-09-2018_169371_cert.pdf was not found on this server.

It seems to be placing extra data before the link value. I would be grateful if someone check my code for the error as I have checked for hours and cannot see where the error is. Many thanks.


<?php session_start(); ?>
<?php include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/lsorg/admin/Connections/domain.php'); ?>

$sql = "SELECT * FROM certificates ORDER BY date ASC";
$result = mysqli_query($conn, $sql) or die("SQL Error 1: " . mysqli_error($conn));
	if (mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0) {
    while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) {
      $date = date('d/m/Y', strtotime($row['date']));
      $link = $row['link'];
      $data[] = array(
        'id' => $row['id'],
        'company' => $row['company'],
        'certnumber' => $row['certnumber'],
        'date' => $date,
        'item' => $row['item'],
        'link' => $link
    echo json_encode($data);
    } else {
        echo '{
        "sEcho": 1,
        "iTotalRecords": "0",
        "iTotalDisplayRecords": "0",
        "aaData": []

datatables code

$(function() {
	var link = '<i class="fa fa-file-pdf" style="align: middle; font-size: 2.1em; color: red; margin-right: 14px;"></i>' + ' Download Certificate';
	tableCerts = $('#certfiles').DataTable({
		"ajax": "/lsorg/admin/certificateData.php",
		"bPaginate": true,
		"bProcessing": true,
		//    "bserverSide": true,
		"pageLength": 10,
		"autoWidth": false,
		"ordering": true,
		"sortable": true,
		"sAjaxDataProp": "",
		"columns": [{
			data: 'id'
		}, {
			data: 'company'
		}, {
			data: 'certnumber'
		}, {
			data: 'item'
		}, {
			data: 'date'
		}, {
			data: 'link',
			"render": function(data, type, row, meta) {
				if (type === 'display') {
					data = '<a href="' + data + '" style="text-decoration: none;">' + link + '</a>';
				return data;
		}, ],
		"order": [
				4, "desc"
		"columnDefs": [{
			"width": "10%",
			"targets": [1],
		}, {
			"width": "12%",
			"targets": [2],
		}, {
			"width": "35%",
			"targets": [3],
		}, {
			"width": "16%",
			"targets": [4],
		}, {
			"orderable": false,
			"targets": [0, 5]
		}, {
			className: "hide_id",
			"targets": [0]

mysql entry



Is this a JavaScript issue or a PHP issue?


I think it is js issue. thanks


What value is stored in the database for this link?

EDIT: Derp, thats what you meant by mysql entry.

Your link isnt a link.
If you want it to behave like an absolute link, specify it in the database as

Assume you’re connected to “
Telling a browser the link is “anything/something.html” tells the browser: “Whatever directory you’re currently in, there’s a subdirectory called anything, and something.html is inside it.” Your browser goes to
Telling the browser the link is “/anything/something.html” tells the browser: “Whatever server you’re currently connected to, cut off all the directories and go to anything/something.html.” Your browser goes to
Telling the browser the link is “http://localhost/anything/something.html” tells the browser “Ignore everything about where you are now, and just go here.” Your browser goes to http://localhost/anything/something.html"


Thanks very much for detailed explanation and have used the absolute path in db as suggested. Many thanks