Datamapper / Domain Object basic examples

Where can I find some basic examples of these two design patterns?
Datamapper / Domain Object

I want to avoid ActiveRecord but am having a hard time differentiating it from Domain Object.

Some examples or skeleton/outlines of the classes would help.


I take it you’ve read the Martin Fowler book (Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture)?

yours, Marcus

PHP Objects, Patterns and Practice:

Data Access Patterns: Database Interactions in Object-Oriented Applications

Active Record is a way to create an object oriented domain model. Data mapper is another way.

in a nutshell

Active Record represents a one to one relationship between an object and a table on a database,

Data Mapper on the other hand can map several tables to one object (and back again).

I’m pretty sure you mean it that way but that should rather be:

“ActiveRecord is a way to persist an object oriented domain model. Data mapper is another way.”

I think the difference is crucial :wink:

Sort of. What I meant was that it’s a particular way of implementing it. The problem with AR is that it couples persistence and domain model to each other.