I’m building a website about a sport and want to create a database with it’s championships, both previous, current and future. It should contain teams, players, games and championships (groups with playoffs). Where I want to be able to collect info from it without typing and looking up the info, for example a teams best world cup placement, two teams previous games against each other, upcoming games for the championship etc…

How can I do this?
Is there a plugin that can do this?
Or can I create a database that I can link internaly (players to teams, teams to championships) and bring info from with a shortcode?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards
Roberth Johansson, Exploding Art

You would have to create a MySQL Database and use PHP to on your website to output results from the DB.

Thank you.

I’m not so skilled in either MySQL or PHP. Is there any good interfaces that can help me do this?