Data target slideup/down

I thought I had enough code and help already to get this final step done, but seems not. What I think should be happening, isn’t and I can’t see why.

For those slightly familiar with my code (Pullo/MegaZoid), I’ve added a navigation bar at bottom of step containers, to allow forward and backward movement of steps. Perhaps I could have created a function within the current step change function to deal with the navigation, but for now I thought I’d start it as a separate function.

The problem is that the jq slideUp/Down functions are not being applied to the data targets. It is ok to have different data names pointing to the same elements/dom right?

for example… this is ok and target is used when calling slide

<div id ="s4-top" class="top" data-target="#s4-bottom" data-arrow="#step4-arrow">

In the same dom (s4), but at bottom, I have have

<div id="s4-back" class="back fromdir" data-backTo="#s3-bottom" data-thisBottom="#s4-bottom">

…with jq

$('.fromdir').on('click', function() {

var bottom = $(this).data("thisBottom");
var backTo = $(this).data("backTo");


I’m getting no console errors and no sliding…
Any obvious reason why?

Can you show live example of this?

temp ye…give me a mo

Hit 4 and code wise, this is only applied to the bottom of s4

will pm link

Big thanks to MegaZoid with this. Turns out the data ids with upperr case were causing probs. Changed all to lower and works as expected

from: data-backTo… data-thisBottom
to: data-backto … data-thisbottom

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