Data showing updata result but updata result is not working

I have a web application in a server(1st) , But i am inserting data from with a php page which is kept in other server(2nd) .
I am updating sql value through 2nd server web page .while i run update query database is updating , even updating information is showing in 2nd server front end and data base .
But application is running with previous value .

In the web application (font end admin panel) there is a button Name "Edit " , while i click on edit button without inserting any value ,
its working with the value which i have updated through 2nd server web page .

Edit button code (web applicatiion 1st server font end code)

**<FORM action="aegateway.jsp" method="POST"  id='aeform' name='aeform' onSubmit="javascript:document.getElementById('submitbutton').disabled=true">**
**<input type="hidden" name="cookie" value="535359523575209555454557521795755555652554555575226556501345397543575443548154" />**
**<input type="hidden" name="submitted" id="submitted" value="true" />**
**<input type='hidden' name='rk' value='189' />**

**<INPUT class='ibutton bwidth' type='submit' name='submitbutton' id='submitbutton' value='EDIT' />&nbsp;<br><br>**

second server updatet code :

$sql = "SELECT AVG(column_name) as column_name1st, column_name2nd FROM table_name WHERE column_name = '0122' && column_name1st > 0";
$result = $mysqli->query($sql);

     while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) {
        $meanvalue = $row["column_name1st"];
     if($column_name1st > 70){
         $mysqli->query("UPDATE table_name2 SET field_name_one='0', field_name_two='30' WHERE username='user_id'");
     elseif($meanvalue < 60)
         $mysqli->query("UPDATE table_name2 SET field_name_one='6', field_name_two='0' WHERE username='user_id'");

Finally i wanna to update value from 2nd server php page , which will execute in the web application in 1st server .

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