Data Retrieval script

Hello Everyone, I am very new to Javascript and I had a few question to see if it was even possible. What I wanted to do was make a data retrieval script that allows me to take data from a specific point and either save it in a Text file and then import it into Excel. Or some other way if there is a more effective way to retrieve the information or even a different place I should be sending the info to. What I would like to do with the information is keep track of how much money I made and the average it comes and and a bunch of those simple equations. Once I have an idea which way I should be going, then I can learn how to do it. During the night I have started to learn the basics of HTML and Javascript and I also took it in College a few years back.

Thank you for any help you can give.

JavaScript is not allowed to do that sort of thing, but using something like PHP that should be possible.