Daily Posting on Social Media Accounts


What could you say about daily posting on social media accounts for your promotion or business page?

It is a no-brainer that you must do daily posts to keep activity up. Without posts, there is no way to get attention.
A friend of mine had 70k followers on Twitter and suddenly stopped posting for a month. He lost 20k followers due to it. You can lose so much when you don’t do anything.

Thanks for the comments shanshan, yes it’s very important so that those who could view your site will see you as an active one. I would also like to know if aside from benefits, is there any disadvantages you could mention about doing the updates daily?

Only disadvantage or lets say challenge could be that you have to be creative and post something that is not just boring or some alibi thing, you know. To recycle old posts you should wait at least one year…

Facebook 5 posts a week is OK and 3 is minimum. You don’t have to necessarily post on weekends. A daily Tweet is a good idea. Depending on your post content and your audience, you can post twice a day as long as it does not bore them. If you start spamming people will stop following you.

Daily or not, you should keep sharing on your social media profiles. Post something atleast two or three times a week and if you are posting something everyday then, try to share something useful that your page followers are interested in. Posting anything randomly will affect your total number of followers. As a user myself, I’ll leave any group if it’s not sharing anything useful or informational.

If you’ve got something to say, say it. If you’ve got nothing to say, keep quiet. Sure, if you don’t tweet anything for weeks and weeks, you’re likely to get people unfollowing you. But equally, if you just tweet ‘filler’ day after day then people will unfollow you a whole lot quicker. People are MUCH more likely to unfollow an account that is actively annoying them by posting rubbish every day than one that doesn’t do anything at all.

Daily posting can help you if you are sharing something new but if you will share similar details everyday then it may be harm your profile. Share quality post that users like.

Thank you for giving your answers guys.

Posting and getting comment on Facebook page is good marketing activity and it can boost your page ranking

social medi marketing only increase traffic. it has not any effect on page rank. page rank is increase only by organic traffic. advantage only by social media marketing is to get some trafiic on a web site. social media is a healthy activity for your web . do it . people will familiar with your web .

Daily posting at social media is very useful because it create many no follow link for your site and also create your site’s popularity at social media site and intenet. So, this daily posting of social media is very helpful for your site.