Customizing Headgear

I have been asked to create a website allowing clients to customize their headgear as shown on the picture below where each side can be choosen and a patter applied.

Any clue on how to this ?

The first thing you will need are images of the hats with all the different designs applied. Just how you will do that is a big question its self.
The most basic method it to get all the designs and photograph them. The problem will be aligning them. They will most likely jump about a bit and spoil the effect.
The better way to do it is with some digital trickery.
Starting with the plain white image, as you have, you would then apply the designs to the hats in Photoshop. The difficulty will be getting them to wrap realistically in the correct perspective, very tricky on curved surfaces…
If you have the skills/resources/budget, the most accurate method to do this is using 3D software to model the hats and apply the designs as texture maps. It could either be a very accurate, detailed model, and just use the render of that, or a simplified model, rendered (non shaded) to match the plain white image, then comp on the design in Photoshop.
Once you have the images, you can think about how to make them switch. It may be possible with just css, swapping background images, but I would suspect it would require a bit of js to do it.

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