Customize php email being sent

Hi there

I have a form on my website, and when you fill in this form the information filled in is sent to my email address.

Now i would like to know how to change the font and text decorations of the email that comes to me. Here is the php code I’m using :


$A1 = $_POST['FirstName']; 
$A2 = $_POST['Address'];
$A3 = $_POST['city'];
$A4 = $_POST['province'];
$A5 = $_POST['code'];
$A6 = $_POST['country'];
$A7 = $_POST['mail'];
$A8 = $_POST['phone'];
$A9 = $_POST['select'];
$A10 = $_POST['comments'];

$A1 = stripslashes($A1);
$A2 = stripslashes($A2);
$A3 = stripslashes($A3);
$A4 = stripslashes($A4);
$A5 = stripslashes($A5);
$A6 = stripslashes($A6);
$A7 = stripslashes($A7);
$A8 = stripslashes($A8);
$A9 = stripslashes($A9);
$A10 = stripslashes($A10);

$info2 = htmlspecialchars($info); 

	$admin_mail = "$A7";
	$admin_subject = "Contact Us - $A9";
	$admin_message = "Information:
	Name : $A1
	Address : $A2
	City : $A3
	Province : $A4
	Code : $A5
	Country : $A6
	E-mail : $A7
	Phone : $A8
	Subject : $A9
	Comment : $A10";
	mail($admin_mail, $admin_subject, $admin_message, "From: Contact Us - $A9 <>\
X-Mailer: PHP/" . phpversion()); 


Thank you

There’s an excellent article here on SitePoint that’ll tell you exactly what to do:
Advanced email in PHP.