Customization in wordpress website

I wanna make an e commerce portal with Wordpress (as it seems to suit my requirements).
But the question is does wordpress will allow me to add custom fields near the product like a textbox for a message to get it print on the product and I’ll be able to receive that message along with the other details of the order.
It might be a small thing but seems a giant prob to me.Although I Know HTML/JS and basic php and js but haven’t worked earlier with CMS tools.

Wordpress is completely customizable, you can also get a few themes for wordpress which you can use to make a beautiful eCommerce website.

Yeah I know but how should i add custom fields as mentioned in my question :disappointed:

You are talking about Product Customization while placing order. You want to give user a option to enter some text which will be printed on top of that product. Yes, you can do this and lot more. WordPress is far more and it can be extended then what you are looking for. You can use WooCommerce plugin along with Product Add On plugin to solve this.

Thanks buddy…this seems to work. can you add any link how to use this plugin in wordpress (I mean how can I add the textbox and placeholder with a message “Enter Message”).
Thanks a lot for your reply.

For this to happen, you need some hold on WordPress and its plugins and then you can easily customize the Custom text Message. The website I mentioned also got lot of information on this plugin.

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