Customer specific landing page for SaaS application


I am building a SaaS based web application, to which users can connect using their own domain and apply their company branding to it.

How can I customize the landing page of my application based on domain from which it is being accessed. There is no login information to identify the customer.


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Is each customer given a unique URL to connect their domain name to?

Do you mean the White Label concept?

Yes. They can use there own domain name

Yes, white labeling, but since its a SaaS service so server should be able to render different Landing page based on customer.

I understand that that would be how it was presented to the public. I was trying to understand how you are planning on allowing your customers to associate their domain with your SaaS application.What’s the connection mechanism?

I am not sure I fully understand your query.

But users could simply point their domains to our server IP. And then add their domain in our system.

I found a thirdparty service -

Its an external service but they claim that users can create multiple themes for same website and display the themes based on access URL.

I am still evaluating it. Will post updates.

I would be hesitant about using that site. There is no contact address, and the domain is registered with privacy protection. I would certainly not use their paid service without knowing exactly who I am dealing with.


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