Custom URL structure not working

My website is and my wordpress blog is located at and I need help with permalinks. The blog works mostly and so does all the admin stuff. When I go to the settings area, my wordpress url is .com/blog and my website url is .com

However, when I go to the permalinks section, the default setting EXCLUDES the /blog all together. The default is and I want it to be

I did these steps not long ago to give wordpress it’s own directory. It all worked except step 11 obviously.

I think this is the root of my problems.

Whenever I make a new post, it puts the individual post at, which is default and this doesn’t work. Only my homepage shows up at that url. When I make a new post, it shows up on the BASE .com/blog page, but when you click a link on the right side to an older post, it takes you to my site homepage and not the post. This also happens when I try to put up an item on my store (it’s closed now while I work it out).