Custom page design

Hello Everyone,

I would like to design a bakery website does anyone know where I can find a good Photoshop tutorial that would cater for my needs I’ve seen some beautiful bakery templates layout and would like to make my own.

I am not sure if I can show links here for example.

Thanks in advance.


i know it hards to show links over here but i wil help you in gettin some sites from where you can get photoshop tutorials

There’s two words there that I’m not happy with. They’re all very well on their own, but putting them in the same sentence starts ringing alarm bells…

First, you design and build your website.
Second, you use Photoshop (or whatever graphics package you prefer) to draw the artwork.

Starting your design in Photoshop (except for the most skilled and experienced designers) is a sure-fire way to create a bloated and inefficient site that doesn’t work very well and has poor usability and accessibility.

please check your PM

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