Custom jQuery File Upload troubles


I’m trying to create a file uploader based on jQuey File Upload (

Wiki here:

Here’s my demo:

Problem 1:
Try to add 3 files (preferably large files around 20mb) and then press start.

The upload will commence, BUT if you decide to cancel the lets say the top upload, all the uploads below will get aborted aswell (if you abort the second one, in this case, both the second and the third will get aborted).

Problem 2:
Add a file to the uploader, abort/remove it, and then add a new file. Then press start.

When the upload commences, both files are uploaded, although the first one is not visible (check console).

Not sure what I need to implent to make this function work, I understand that I need to do something more than just run a “remove”, however, it’s not possible to run data.jqXHR.abort(); before the upload has started. I’ve looked through the working example on, but I can’t figure out how to solve it…

I would be very happy if someone could help me out here, I’ve been stuck for some time now…

Thanks in advance!