Custom CMS website

Hello, So If I developed a website for a client and had the code
already written what can I use for them to login their website to
make changes and stuff without having to work with code?

You might find @megazoid’s InlineCMS would help.

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what about using

That will work but you will need to integrate your current design into a Wordpress theme. Authentication and editing capabilities should have been scoped out before the website was developed since they have a major impact on the project.

There are other CMSs like Perch that can easily be integrated into an existing site without having to rebuild the site.

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Do you know of any tutorials on and doing this process? I couldnt find any myself

Check CouchCMS too

About WordPress Theme Development, you will need a PHP experience and experience with WordPress - Understanding how it works, hooks, actions, APIs etc.

All is pretty well documented on WordPress Codex, and there are bunch of additional tutorials.

any links to where you are talking about would be good if any?

Basically this + Codex help me to understand how to make WordPress Theme.

Search on YouTube simply

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The only tutorials I know of are those I find in google.

With using PHP and stuff?

I don’t understand the question.

I mean tutorials of using including the use of php, and customizing
a wordpress theme.

what does this website do exactly?

Generate a starter theme (skeleton, plain theme) for WordPress.

So what do I type in this field?

A sequence of alpha-numeric characters and underscore(s),

What you want :smile:

Basically, I always choose a Advanced Options

And when you press “Generate”, theme would be downloaded.

what is it generating though? a wordpress theme files?

Yes.As I said