Custom Back Button in Java based Website is not working in IE9 but works in IE7-8

We’ve developed a web application with static & iframes, each time we interact with the links in the static frame gives results in the iframe.
it has a custom back button in the static menu frame. this back button working fine in IE7 IE8 but not properly working in IE9 it goes 3 sometimes 4
pages back.

we are using history.go(-1)
is there any other way to make it work in IE9, even pressing the Backspace key wont work. we’ve tried many ways but no use.

Refer this screenshot

This thead is under the Java forum too…

If you used Java, then I should close this thread. If you use Javascript, then I should closed the other thread. We don’t allow duplicate threads. You can always ask a member of staff to move it to the appropriate forum :slight_smile:

Sorry for that, I want to keep this thread. thankss

Have you tried to set the focus on the iframe and then calling the “history.go(-1)”.

I’m only supposing here, without the code it’s very difficult to guess why something didn’t work as expected.

See you :cool: