Curvy Corners box disappearing on IE

Hi all,

I’ve got a problem with I am assuming the way curvy corners is interacting with my CSS file. On this page: when viewed with firefox there is a nice curved corner border and a transparant background showing up on the menu and main content areas. Now when you view the same page in IE the page loads without the curved corners first then as the corners kicks in the background and border on the main content only disappears, the menu area still looks fine.

I’m at a bit of a loss to work this out so any help would be appreciated

(sorry had to disable the link as it’s my first post)

Hi, I’m viewing in IE6/7 and FF3.5 and all 3 are showing the same-rounded corners with all the content still there.

Did you fix this? Clear your cache also :slight_smile:

I had a panicky client so I had to do a quick fix by using a solid background rather than the transparant png that should be there. The same issue is messing with the contact form:

If you notice before the curvy corners kicks in the input box for the persons name is there and has soon as the page finishes loading it disappears, this is what was happening on the links and background pages from my first post. I am now assuming that this is a Curvy Corners issue rather than CSS and have enquires there.