Current menu item class with angular.js? Why not working?

As the topic say I want to highlight current menu item with a class “active”, using angular.js.

My html looks like this:

			<li><a is-active-nav href="#feed">Feed</a></li>
			<li><a is-active-nav href="#test">Test</a></li>
			<li><a is-active-nav href="#feedback">Feedback</a></li>

And my JS like:

var app = angular.module('app', ['ngRoute', 'ngAnimate']);

app.directive('isActiveNav', [ '$location', function($location) {
return {
 restrict: 'A',
 link: function(scope, element) {
   scope.location = $location;
   scope.$watch('location.path()', function(currentPath) {
     if('/#' + currentPath === element[0].attributes['href'].nodeValue) {
     } else {

Looked at this: (

But I can’t get it to work, the link doesn’t get the class. Can anyone see why?

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