CURL - Track All requests

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is a way to track all the GET requests that are done during a transfer?

For example, I am currently using the LiveHTTPHeader plugin in Firefox, and when I load a webpage, I can see the followings:

Is there anyway to get similar info using CURL? If yes, wich parameters should I used?


Nope, there isn’t. Unless you’re in control of the source PHP of course, then you can add some FireBug logging.

Well, I know that you can get the Headers using Curl so I thought that maybe it was possible to retrieve all Requests that were sent/received during the transfer…

Your browser makes the additional requests for the media embedded within the source HTML, you could parse the HTML for this media though…


Yeah I could, but the thing is the code I am trying to parse is called with Javascript so the only way I could fetch it is to use these requests…