CSV parsing


I’m bit new to coldfusion.

I have come across a problem while parsing a CSV that i’m getting as a API response. I tried Ben Nadel CSV parsing component in other case and worked fine. But for API response there were some problem

This is how the response looks like. Can anyone look help me out with this.

I think the problem arises here \“ns1.exmaple.com\”,

"1","1","1297794014","11","1","0","0","0","0","Tom Alex","","","test@test.com","test","testekrjsktj","system \\"ns1.exmaple.com\\", has identified"
"4","1","1298054610","21","2","0","5","1","0","Test2 User <>","","","Tom Alex ","Re: [#1] test","jdhfksjdhfkjsdhf",""
"8","1","1298072657","23","2","1","5","7","0","Test 3 <>","","","","","Hi guys","" 

Try using CSVtoArray function from CFLIB.org