Has anyone tried cssgrid.net ?

It looks excellent but doesn’t seem to work in IE7 or IE8


Post what you have that isn’t working in IE7/8 (describe the problem) and we’ll help :slight_smile:

Well go to the website cssgrid.net. in IE8 or IE7 then try resizing so it’s very narrow, eg like a smartphone display. What should happen is that the layout changes to a single column, and the green squares at the top disappear. This works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera and is supposed to work in IE too. I’ve tried it from three different machines using IE7 & 8 on XP, Vista and windows 7 but it doesn’t play ball on any of them !?

The owners of the website obviously don’t care enough about IE to fix it. I have the same problem.

I think they probably do care but are maybe not aware of it yet.

I’ve emailed them.

It’s a relatively easy fix, and if they did any sort of testing in IE they should have found it.

Either way, I’m sure they appreciate it :slight_smile:

er… ok… what is the fix? That was the point of my question.


It’s hard to see how it can be “excellent” if it fails for about half of all web users out there.

Well I presume it’s just an over-site. If you don’t like it you don’t have to use it.

Sorry, but why do you want the fix? I’ve seen this problem before and I remember it not being terribly difficult to fix, but I’d rather not go into the code and get the solution if it won’t even be put into use…