CSS with AMP?

Hi friends. I am looking for a solution implement AMP(Accelerated Mobile Specification) specification for my HTML Website. I don’t know how to implement that. Please anyone can help me to implement AMP for my HTML website.

Welcome to the forums, @kumararu92.

Have you read the AMP documentation? It’s quite extensive.


Here’s another good source:


Beware: if the AMP page does not AMP validate then Google will not add the page to their free CDN Amp cache.




It is best to start with:

  1. an example
  2. validate the example
  3. gradually add your own content, images, features
  4. repeat step 2 until the web page is complete
  5. upload/publish online
  6. Validate again and check CDN cached version

Hello kumararu921,

I have been involved with AMP since Oct/2015 and feel I can offer the following. You will want to first take note that while some platforms such as Wordpress provide simple widget solutions for AMP, we simply found them to be too problematic and choose to only manually code AMP pages.

Also, as I constantly monitor news surrounding AMP, I can offer this share of the following guide to getting a website AMP ready. https://smallbiztrends.com/2018/04/mobile-first-index-small-business.html

Hope this helps…

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