CSS vertical or horizontal

CSS vertical or horizontal

Hi all, I need ur help.

I try this CSS and JS code:
Form a comparsa - Esempio JavaScript scaricato da HTML.it

But I need the same effect but not vertical, I need horizontal.

Can u help me?

Do you mean the effect when you click the Login button?

[This is a JavaScript question, so I’ll move the thread there.]

Yes, thanks Sir-

here is one Sexy sliding JavaScript side bar menu using mootools « Andrew Sellick

Thanks Sir.

But I have this problem:

  1. the slide bar is close and position in the webpage is right.

I need the slide bar default open and the position left in the webpage…

Can u help me?

I made an ugly one a while back that is not js dependent. http://www.visibilityinherit.com/code/slide-in-demo2.php.

I can look at that other one tommorrow morn if no one else has gotten to by then. Without looking yet, that is most likely put there with CSS. Use firebug to see how.

Thanks Sir.
I wait ur news.