CSS Typography (Cross Browser & Platform Issue)

Ive been meaning to post about this sooner but it never really bothered me until now that i work with both mac and pc… Ive noticed some large differences with the different browsers & platforms on the display of my text…

The image below should give you a better idea, and then check my css out.

The css can be viewable by visiting the live link

What should i do as my client is asking me to make it the same on all browsers & platforms?

After looking at your CSS, I don’t see anything that you can do. You might see if your client has ClearType enabled, if he’s a Win/IE user, but other than that, it’s a browser rendering issue. With Arial as your go-to font, it’s hard to get more universal.

Clients usually aren’t really amenable to the fact that sites and designs don’t display identically across browsers and platforms, but you’re in the unenviable position of having to make that argument. :-/

i thought this would be the case.

Yes cleartype was not enabled on the 3rd example but enabling it did not change it enough to be the same as the mac


No you can’t make the text on a PC look like a mac. That’s why people buy macs :slight_smile: