Css tweak to make it responsive possible?

Hello, I have this site wich needs to be redone in order to work for mobile. But until that happens I wonder if I can make some code adjustements to make it act responsive.

I find some issues with

a) the horizontal menu
b) the layout itself with uses TABLES
c) the ads (this would be no major problem, I think I can use adaptative in adsense and replace it)

Can someone post some possible code solution to A and B?

The interior pages seems to be a little easier but also need the same code tweaks: page sample

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure you will find anyone here who will do your work for you. This is not a free coding service.

But we’d be happy to help out if you got started with the code for making the site responsive and got stuck. Just post your code here properly formatted using three backticks (`) on the line before the code, and three backticks on the line after the code.


There is more than one way to make things responsive. One thing that Iike is that the menu uses ems but you’re stuck with a width of 85em.

One way to go would be using percentages and min-width and max-width because, after all, you want to do the best decisions for different windows widths. And that means that it will not look the same in all devices. Which is fine because a small phone screen is not the same than a large computer screen or home TV.

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