CSS to hide 'title'?

I’m trying to hid the ‘title’ in this code because when the user hovers over it the title displays, including the code; in this situation, the ‘title’ is not really needed, but I need to disable it on a global scale. Is there a CSS attribute way of doing it? I’ve tried using a[title], but to no avail.

<a rel="{handler: 'iframe', size: {x: 800, y: 500}}" href="/component/jce/?view=editor&amp;layout=plugin&amp;plugin=browser&amp;standalone=1&amp;wfb1ce7f19e3293c986ed18a9cd11bdb13=1&amp;filter=images&amp;fieldid=jform_images_image_fulltext&amp;folder=" title="Select" class="modal btn"> Select</a>

I’ve also tried
$(document).ready(function() { $("a").removeAttr("title"); });
The title was gone in the code, but displayed on hover.


You cannot remove attribute with CSS.

Try this:

    $(this).attr('title', '');
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No dice. I’ll move to the jQuery forum for further assistance.


Referring to this post: CSS to hide 'title'?, I tried the jQuery method mentioned by megazoid and the popup tooltips are still displaying. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Do you have a link or a codepen you can throw together to showcase the issue? As if the title is removed, it shouldn’t be showing up.

In fact, your initial code seems to work fine…

In plain JS you can change the title using

document.title = "whatever";

Sorry, forget that. Wrong title!

I’m suspecting it’s a jQuery conflict somewhere that is causing the tooltip to include code when a user hovers over the label of an element. The code is attached as well. It doesn’t happen on the whole site. Right now I’m only noticing it happening when a registered user is logged in on the site. Anywhere else where the Public has access to (like a Contact form), I don’t see the problem.

page.php (51.1 KB)

Well, that’s because it has the class “hasTooltip”, which is running this code:

	jQuery('.hasTooltip').tooltip({"html": true,"container": "body"});

Fixed with the use of

Thank you!

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