CSS Sprite Generators

Anyone using any of those sprite generators out there?

I just started to play with them, cause I have to change the sprite of a site that I made and thought if these generators would help.

But from 2 of the sites that I tried, it seems like they only help take 2 images, eg: a “off” and a “on” state and put them together. comes with a css to offset the height.

Is that generally how a generator works? Cause I don’t think its very useful when I can just combine the 2 images myself with PS.

Just to add, I think it’ll be useful if we could define the different sections along the image that needs an hover effect. Basically just to save from calculating the width to offset during the hover.

i happen to found this site. http://css-sprit.es/

Check out the custom sprite thing. I’m wondering is there an error with the background-position values that they generated. Shouldn’t the syntax be something like background-position: leftValue topValue ?

their’s is like background-position: topValue leftValue.

It should be leftValue topValue, you are correct :).

There are others, so if they are giving it out wrong, either chvange it yourself manually or find a new generator (or write it yourself ;)).