CSS Slider with searchbox

Hi everyone, I have a website that I’m trying to render responsive.

I’m trying to place a searchbox on top of the slider banners similar to a website like http://www.thomascook.com/holidays/city-breaks/#intcmp=froghp_productbox1_CityBreaks2

Problem is my searchbox is pulling from our CRM and it’s inside an iframe

My page is http://www.sntravel.co.uk/switchview.pl?list=1 (second option navnew)
This is a test homepage that I can modify as I like.

Some context: the website is organized in blocks so you may see some code like [INC:getblock(“block_name”)] which is pulling another html block

this is its code for the searchbox.

I’m not 100% sure of what you’re asking because you’re showing the Javascript but you’re posting in CSS.

I will say that there’s no way that you can have a responsive design when you have iframes with widht and height specified in the HTML. The more specific a style is, the more weight it has and therefore that’s what gets applied.

There’s nothing more specific that inline styles.

Thanks molona for your reply.
Yes I am removing the inline style and using media queries for different screen sizes but the problem I’m finding is style the searchbox in horizontal in a good way like theirs