CSS repeating image for header Bar/column Bar, ethc

Hi to Sitepoint people,

I am now on the bridge of learning CSS, and made a header Bar using a 2px width and made it repeat upto 90px… It is soo simple, I made gradient line with the width of 2px & height 30px.

I am asking for help, for making a repeating Oval column with web 2.0 design. I made one on a print screen and inserted desired output:

red arrow indicates the desired output, I can do it using HTML then calls a oval column box, but I need a repeating Oval box with design for my CSSheets. thank you for anyone who will help.

Hi, if you are just asking how to do an oval box, then the quick answer is that you can’t (not easily anyway ;)), however you can fkae it (that’s the bread and butter of CSS) to give the appearence :slight_smile: