CSS Reference book unavailable?

I’ve been thinking that I need a good reference for HTML/CSS. So, I thought I’d grab the twinpack of HTML/CSS Reference hardcovers you’ve got. Though I can add the HTML one, when I click to add the CSS reference it doesn’t do so…the only thing that shows up is the HTML one. Yet the CSS reference is advertised and nowhere on the page did I see that it was unavailable? I’m a bit confused can someone enlighten me?


The book is still there… maybe there’s some kind of problem with that particular ad


Furthermore, if you read towards the bottom of the page, you will find the twin pack (CSS & HTML reference books)

I went to the page, yes that is there. But when I go to get the PRINT version it doesn’t go into my cart.

Have you written to books@sitepoint.com? They’re directly involved with the store and may be able to help. The forum doesn’t have much to do but I can escalate it for you if you want me to.

Would you please? I’ve just tried the add to cart link from the book’s sales page and it will not add it to the cart. And I really want to take advantage of the twinpack deal. I’ve found that replies from that email address to be slow.

Unfortunately we won’t get a faster response than you will (we don’t work directly for SitePoint), however I’ve highlighted this thread for our Admin to pass on :slight_smile:

Already got a response. Apparently the book is on back order but they forgot to update the sales page…oops…

Until the title gets to you, SitePoint hosts some useful online versions you can flick through:

They might be useful to stem the time before you get your meaty book to flick through! :slight_smile:

Hi Erik,
The book is in stock but we have a bug on the sales page. I have the guys looking at it now. Thanks for letting us know.