CSS property dependancy?


First of all I am a newbie. I have googled for some info about CSS but cant help myself.

Some CSS properties are dependent on other properties to make their effect. Such as left, top, bootom, right are dependent on position property, whether position values is static or not.

What I want to know, is there any resources or tutorials where I can find information about which properties are dependent on which properties. It will be very helpful if there is a table.

Sorry for my poor English.

Thank You

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I wouldn’t have thought English wasn’t your first language unless you said so, it’s perfectly fine.

You might like to read through the layout section in particular here http://reference.sitepoint.com/css/

I can’t think of specific properties that are dependent on others in the same way as position.
Understanding display inline & block is important.

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I am working on it.

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This may not be quite what you mean, but inheritance is an important concept. For example, if you set a font size on the <body> element, it will affect the font size of all other elements unless you specifically give them a different size.

Hello…i give you one link where all the properties of CSS are mentioned, and information about all the version .you can see this link related t your problem…

I think it will be help…Thanks