Css problem

Hi, I have a web page done that works great with firefox and chrome but in IE it changes, search about css reset and other ways but i cant seem to solve this one thing with the sub menu, can anyone give me a hand?


its seems to be working right now, just added a docktype, can someone check if theres something missing me?

Hi razstec,

As far as I understand, the Doctype has become an important element in HTML pages and should always be included.

They can be a bit of a mouthful though and one suggestion I read recently was to make a file with the doctype of your choice in it and save it. Then start all your web pages from that template file. That way you don’t have to re-think the Doctype each time you create a page.

Of course if you are using a WYSIWYG editor it should insert the correct Doctype for you.

Your site appear to be using frames and I don’t know if this has anything to do with your problems but everything I’ve read recently suggest that frames are old hat now and should be avoided. The certainly don’t help your pages with the search engines.

Hope the above is of some use,



Hi, thanks.

Im not using frames… why do you say i use frames?

Sorry, if I have misunderstood, I chose to view the source of your webpage but could only see a few lines with reference to a frameset.



im sorry, my mistake, two days ago i bought the .com domain…
that domain .pt.vu is redirecting to the .com

use thishttp://www.aquasplender.com

Hmmm. It throws 85 errors in validation, so that might be your first stop. It also inundated me with popups and toolbars when I opened it, so I got out quick.

Checked out the erros but most of them are from exterior code that i cant change like alexa metta, statcounter etc…
Remove the pop up.

Any sujestion?

I’m sorry, there’s too much advertising crud on this page. I won’t go to it again. I imagine a lot of potential users will have the same reaction.

why? i only have 1 banner and a toolbar on top?

is this too much?

sorry :frowning: