Css print problems

I have two questions. 1) The first is the easier, I guess: how can I set different page size according to a body class of different webpages.
I noticed that `body.myclass @page {some ccs rules} doesn’t work. Neither @page .myclass.

The second is a difficult question, maybe impossible. I have end-notes that I would render as footnotes in a pdf (printing page).
I mean: I have page separators (<span class="pag">), so pages of text can be correctly separated, but I wonder if it could be possible to group (/force) the end-notes within the same a page where is their anchor (=ref).
I don’t know if it is clear what I’m searching…

No I don’t think you can do that.

You can change the first page I believe but never tested this.

@page :first {
  size: A4 landscape;

I would think that perhaps you could just use an in page stylesheet on that different page only and that should override any sitewide styles.

Yes I think this is impossible unless you want all the footnotes at the bottom of all the pages and then you can do things with a mixture of fixed positioning and tables etc. It seems to me that if you want that level of control you would probably have to convert the page to pdf but that is outside my scope and level of interest :slight_smile:

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Yes, you’re right.

I see. Myself I did guess that I was asking for too much :blush:

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