CSS Menu Issue & Imput CSS IE Issue


I am trying to update our site with a new menu and login form.

Where both menu and log-in page is located: http://www.1tm.com/test/test.html

The CSS menu is to long and the end sticks out and only works in FireFox. I need it to work in Internet Explorer and Firefox. I also need the ends chopped off because its a little to long even when its working.

FireFox Screen Shot: http://www.1tm.com/test/firefoxmenu.jpg

IE Screen Shot: http://www.1tm.com/test/internetexplorermenu.jpg

How I want it to look in all browser Screen Shot: http://www.1tm.com/test/menushouldlook.jpg

Now the input…

The input log-in form style works in Firefox and all browsers BUT Internet explorer which shows the dull default input fields. I need it to look like how it looks in FireFox but in Internet Explorer also.

FireFox Screen Shot (good): http://www.1tm.com/test/firefoxinput.jpg

IE Screen Shot (bad): http://www.1tm.com/test/internetexplorerimput.jpg

Thank you for any help


I don’t know how to break it to you again without sounding like a recording but you don’t have a doctype and therefore IE has to be treated as though it were IE5 and you can’t use things like attribute selectors as that is not supported in ie5 (nor ie6).

You will need to add classes to your inputs if you want to change their appearance.

[B]input[type="text"], input[type="password"] {[/B]
    padding-left: 4px;
    color: #000000;
    font-weight: bold;
    background: #FFFFFF;
    border: 1px dashed #333333;

You would need to use classes instead:

[B]input.username, input.password {[/B]

Then add those classes to the appropriate input elements.

The problem with the nav is the empty list at the start of the line bumping the row down.

        <li> &nbsp;

Remove it and it should align correctly.

I know we have mentioned this a number of times now but you are really making this hard for yourself by sticking to outdated methods such as not using a doctype from the start. You are so far into this now that you are stuck with what you have and you will find that any time you try to add something new you will run into one issue or another.

Input fixed just the feilds are a little shorter in width in Internet Explorer.

I have put a doctype on the test page if you can help with the menu: http://www.1tm.com/test/test.html

  • I tried specific width and height but cuts out SSL button and shows up wrong in Internet Explorer.


You can’t use a doctype if that menu is going into your old page. Your old page is built on quirks mode and won’t work because we tried to fix it before but there were too many errors.

That menu is still broken because you haven’t removed the empty list element and non breaking space that I told you to remove earlier.

<li> 	 &nbsp;

That will bump IE down to a new line and break the menu so remove it.