CSS list-style-image padding

Hi. I had this problem and I solved it. But there was another problem (see pic in attachments). How to fix it? “list-style-position: outline” don’t work in this instance. Big thx in advance!

We would need to see your code to know what you are doing here, but there is no such thing as list-style-position: outline. It’s actually list-style-position: outside. That may not help much if you are suing background images. which is why the code or a link would be better.

If posting code, read this first:

See attachment img

ps I’m sorry for the mistake of “list-style-position: outside” (it doesn’t work).

Give the list items enough left padding to accommodate the background image.

And how does that help? I don’t understand.

Try it and see if it does anything. We are trying to debug an image here, which isn’t a lot of use. If you could post an actual example of this it would be easy to tell you what to do. Often the bullets on a UL will be hidden unless the UL and/or LIs have some padding/margin on the left, to give them room to appear. But I’m still not very clear on what you are doing here.

Big sorry, I understood. List of inherited indent red string from a parent, that was the problem. Sorry for the carelessness and thank you!

How can I thank the forum?

Glad you got it sorted.:slight_smile:

You just did. :slight_smile:

As Ralph said, it would be nice to see the full code. But am taking a stab that you need to ad left-padding to your list item.

.ul_docs li {padding: 3px 0 3px (the width of your icon in px); }

hope that helps

Thx, the problem is solved.