CSS is so dificult!

Depends on just how “beginner” you find the person to be. Those are basic topics, although not AS basic as it could be. If you refer to beginner as not even understanding the basics of selector{property:value;} then yes it’s unsuitable.

I personally felt much more comfortable with HTML/CSS after taking Jeffrey Way’s free online Tutzplus course “30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS” - extremely helpful if you take the time to do the exercises as prescribed. Jeffrey Way has a real knack for relaying even tricky concepts in an easy to understand manner. I highly recommend any of his tutorials on Tutzplus.

Can you recommend the name’ sbook you talked?

The very first book on web design which I ever read was “HTML4 for Dummies”, which included basics on CSS (that was the 2005 edition; it’s since been updated). I see there’s a book called “CSS for Dummies”. I haven’t read that, but any of the “Dummies” books I’ve used have been pretty good introductions. I moved on from there to "Web Standards Solutions" by Dan Cederholm, but there are plenty of good books around; it’s really just a case of finding one which suits you. SitePoint’s [URL=“https://learnable.com/books/build-your-own-website-the-right-way-using-html-css-3rd-edition”]Build Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS might be another good place to start.

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