CSS is almost identical, appearance is different

On this page, http://glidingholiday.co.uk/glidingholiday.htm , you’ll notice that the background image for the h2 in the two columns on the right extend to touch the border of the divs class= .half.

Lower down the page on the left is a div called .imgBox250, which now has almost the same code as .half. The h2 has the very same css for both divs. But here the background image for the h2 doesn’t reach the edges of the border, and is set further below the top border. It should also sit the same 5px below the top as in .half.

It’s usually something obvious when I make mistakes, and I’m sure you guys will find it in minutes, but I’ve been fiddling with things for a while and am struggling.

(the line with option links is to variations of the home page, not variations of this page)

.imgBox250 has a padding of 10px on it, which is why the h2 doesn’t go all the way to the edge. (hols5.css, line 64 according to the inspect element in chrome)


I’ve taken that out, made the div 10px wider and put the padding on the imgBox250 img itself.
And it works.

I used that to keep the image nicely in place and never thought of altering it. Both divs started at different widths and have almost, but not quite converged to be the same. If the client says “just a little bit wider”, they will be!