Css html

Hello forum. I have inherited a project. It uses CSS to format the body of the web page.

Its appearance needs reworking. Right now it looks like a bock plopped in the middle of the browser window. I want it to have nice borders and a header going across the top and the bottom.

Here is what it looks like now:

Here is what I would like it to look like:

I am not as experienced with CSS as I would like to be. But I was able to dig into the code and find where the html was formatted. I am writing this post now because I would prefer if this design was on a table rather than on the entire HTML page.

The CSS element “html” is defined ni a “main.css” file like this:

html{background-color:#eee;padding:0px;overflow:auto;height:100%;}html body,html form{background-image:url(‘…/images/body-background.gif’);
width:1200px;margin:0px auto;box-shadow:0 0 15px 15px #bbbbbb;padding:0px;}
the image
is not the background of the whitespace on the right and left. This gif file is the background of the block in the middle.

So, how do I make this declaration a table declaration instead of a declaration and format for the entire page? And once this change has been made, what sort of corresponding code changes do I need to do in other code files?

If you can post a link to the site, we will be able to provide much better advice than if we have to guess about the code. It is unlikely that a table is what you actually need. Tables are intended to be used for rows and columns of data and are very poor devices for laying out a page.

It is http://webtest.seattleu.edu/FIS-PTContracts/

It tables are poor choices for laying out the page, I guess I will have to modify the html declaraton in the css file.

Your link doesn’t work for me. Can you check it?

I will check that.

If usig a table to encapsulate a block on a page, what should I use? A <div> ? How can I declare a block centered and against the top of the page?

I don’t quite understand the questions, but unless you are presenting tabular data, don’t use a table. Tables are harder to work with anyway. Let’s get that link fixed first. :slight_smile: