CSS Home button not aligning with rest of menu

I have a menu in which when I add a home link to the menu the link displays above the menu what am I missing to get this aligned with the rest of the menu. It does this in Firefox 7, Opera, IE8.

The problematic css appears to be this

.clearer:after, .header:after, #nav:after, .main:after, .footer:after, .col-main:after, .col2-set:after, .col3-set:after, .col4-set:after, .search-autocomplete li:after, .block-poll li:after, .block-related li:after, .block-related .item:after, .block .actions:after, .mini-products-list li:after, .title-buttons:after, .pager:after, .sorter:after, .ratings:after, .add-to-box:after, .add-to-cart:after, .product-essential:after, .products-list li.item:after, .product-view .product-img-box .more-views ul:after, .product-view .tags .form-add-tags:after, .product-options .options-list li:after, .product-options-bottom:after, .product-review:after, .cart:after, .opc .step-title:after, .checkout-progress:after, .field-100:after, .group-select li:after, .form-list li:after, .buttons-set:after, .buttons-set2:after, .page-print .print-head:after {
  clear: both;
  content: ".";
  display: block;
  font-size: 0;
  height: 0;
  line-height: 0;
  overflow: hidden;

when I disable clear then the home link is covered by the menu instead of beside it.

Can you not just move the “Home” link and make it part of the menu? The rest of the menu is inside a <div> called custommenu and your “Home” link is separate.

That would be the logical thing to do, but the Home link is not a category so it cannot show in the custommenu which only displays categories.

Did you manage to fix it? Your link is no longer working.