CSS grid formatting with php & mysql

Newbie trying to create a column row css grid form. Information is coming from a database. 3 Columns(parent) Rows(children - also number of rows are unknown for each parent) Some columns will have more rows then others. After a all the rows of all the columns are done displaying, process starts over again. I have blank areas in my form . If all the columns are not filled out per row, I have to create an empty div. Am I using css correctly or do I have to do something with by php or mysql? I have loaded up the php file and the screen shot of the output


tres2.php (6.1 KB)

Test All Resources Page.html (1.8 KB)

You can group the childs in 3 main groups so you don’t need to add empty div. To do that print a div before and the closing div after the while loop.

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