CSS Form Issue

Hi all, just have a small problem with the textarea of a form, I’ve seen it quite a lot on other websites. The problem I have is when the textarea is resized, it drops below the label, anyone know how I can resolve this issue.

Screenshots attached.


Tricky to see without a link but has the form got a fixed width and are the labels and fields floated to the left?

If they are, try making the form container wider

Sorry don’t have a link right now, it’s just a .html file on my PC.

The form has got a fixed width and labels and fields are floated to the left.

I can post the code if that’s any help?

I’d suggest : textarea { resize:vertical; max-width: width of your input in px; min-width: width of your input in px;}

resize:vertical; will allow the text area to be resized vertically but not horizontally. the rest is just for good measure!
Hope that helps

Yup, perfect, sounds like it should work, don’t think I ever remember doing a vertical resize before, thanks.

But there is some CSS, too … and this is a CSS forum. :wink:

If there’s a fixed width on the form, it’s odd that the textarea would drop. You should probably warp a div around the label and input anyway, so perhaps give that a fixed width too. But for more help, post your HTML and CSS so we can test it.

“resize” only works on some newer browsers.