CSS Detective needed!

Hi all - trying without success to find the CSS rule for the font-size on menu of this site http://stevanbarry.com/beta/creativecollective/

<ul id="menu-main-menu-1" class=" nav-menu "><li class="menu-item menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page    page_item page-item-136 current_page_item menu-item-202 first"><a href="http://stevanbarry.com/beta/creativecollective/">HOME</a></li>

I found font-size: 10px !important on debugging but can’t find it anywhere on the style-sheet.

It’s not in your stylesheet. Look at the view-source of that page. Line 258 the rule is there (CTRL+F for the font-size)

.header-mobile__bottom  .mobile-menu li a, .header-mobile__bottom  .mobile-menu ul > li > ul.children ,nav.primary-navigation > ul li a, nav.primary-navigation > ul > li > ul.children,  header .search-container .search-holder, .main-header .cosmo-social li a{  font-size:10px !important;  font-family: "gotham HTF" !important;  font-weight:normal;  font-style:inherit; }

Invalid but it’s still there :stuck_out_tongue: .

Thanks Ryan - yes see it now thanks. (In my defense someone else wrote the code :smile:)

Not a problem! I assume you were looking at the inspect element of Chrome (firebug for FF?). Eithre way, on the right pane, where you see the declarations and rules, you can see at the top right section of each box, it says where the code came from. Go revisit and see!

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Of course!

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Yes I was - firebug FF… thanks.

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