CSS customization help needed


Hi there,

I am using a WordPress theme and I need some css customization help.

For the reference; the site is: http://www.newdesign.directsupplyservices.com

I want to make the “live chat” box aligned and sticky with the red footer line. Most likely the “live chat” box overlapping the red footer line. I can select the live chat as “bottom right” but then it gets hidden with the footer line. So what css customization am I supposed to use to make this happen?

I hope, I have explained it properly.

Thanks in advance for the help!



Welcome, @rashidazhussain. Before you make any changes to the CSS you really should set up a child theme (https://wordpress.org/Child-Themes) because any changes you make to the main theme will be wiped out the next time your theme is updated by WordPress. Then we can help you make the changes you would like.


I’m having trouble finding the live chat. I don’t see anything that might be “chat” in view-source. Looking at the computed DOM in the inspector shows script adding <iframe> tags that look like they are “chat”, but their src attributes don’t look right to me and I didn’t find what script is responsible for adding chat.

Please post the code or point to where I can look at it (not minified please).