CSS columns?

In the section at the top of my webpage <div id=“maintop”> I want to create 3 sections. The first is the graphic and text that is already there, a second needs to be in the center, and it will contain a single image, and the third will be on the right side, and it will contain some text, images, etc.

I am trying to do this with <div> tags and floats, but it is not working.

You can see the image of the family (silhouette) on top of the other part of the page…where it is not supposed to be. It needs to be in the center of the “maintop” div, and then another section created to the right of it.

Please advise. Thanks.


<div id=“maintop”>
<div class=“col”></div>
<div class=“col”></div>
<div class=“col”></div>


#maintop{ overflow:hidden;
.col { width:34%; float:left;}

this wil make 3 relatively even columns… after that you can set the height, and backround images as needed by adding IDs or classes with those rules