CSS Caching

I’ve just posted a reno of a site (http://www.pitchinforagoodcause.org.), but for reasons beyond my understanding, the first time you visit the site in Firefox and Safari the formatting is totally f’d up. If you clear the cache, the site is perfect.

There is a large fan base for this site and I’d hate for them to discover this ugliness and not know what to do about it.

The arguments for keeping the caching are good, but I think I need to remove it for a month or so to protect all the repeat visitors.

Your thoughts and advice please.

Marjorie Clark
Little Fish Studios Web Design & Promotion

Hi, it must just be you, because I’m viewing in FF3.5/Safari 4/Opera 10 and all 3 are displaying identical on first load. Clearing cache brings up nothing different in the page

That would be nice, but the client is seeing the same anomaly in Safari. http://www.littlefishstudios.com/images/screen-shot-formatting-glitch.jpg

Is this an individual machine setting (i.e. beyond my control)?

Check your server settings and make sure the CSS file is being parsed as text/css.

Other then that I don’t know what to tell you :).

Same here: Opera; FF, Safari… it’s all good

Thanks all!