Cross - Mobile swipe script


I’m looking for the best cross browser compatible swipe script for android, iphone and other touch phones. Has anyone used any of the available frameworks or have you used custom scripts? What is your experience with these?

Phone Gap
Unify Project

Any others? I am joining a mobile task force and would like to get more involved in one or more of these communities so I can provide some UI support.


I started using jqtouch earlier this week. So far i’m impressed. Very easy to setup and if you are already familiar with jquery then its a natural fit.

Phonegap is used to take your web apps that are created in html /css/ js and roll them into something closer to a native app. Phonegap creates a bridge between javascript and the hardware on the phone so you can take advantage of things like the camera, accelerometer, etc.

I have not used sencha yet, but have heard good things.